American-Style Chamferred Daguerreotype. c.1850
Blair Hawk-Eye Detective, c.1891
Fallowfield's Facile Camera, c.1890
Shure Shot Detective Camera, c.1897
Argus 12-Shot Repeating Camera, c.1890
Nodark, c.1899
Antique Oak Detective Camera, early 1890s
Student No.1 Camera, late 1880s-1890s
Al-Vista No.5-F convertible camera. c.1901-10
1914 Prototype Multiplying Camera by Harvey T. Wing
DeMoulin Trick Camera, c.1910-1930
E. & H.T. Anthony PDQ Box Camera. 1890
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"... we have become so accustomed to see the galloping horse in art that it has imperceptibly dominated our understanding, and we think the representation to be unimpeachable, until we throw of all our preconceived impressions on one side, and seek the truth by independent observation from Nature herself." - Eadweard Mybridge, 1898 (Animal Locomotion)
Anthony (E. & H.T.):
The P.D.Q. Camera
DeMoulin Bros. & Co:
Trick Camera
Multiscope & Film Company:
Al-Vista No.5-F
Scovill & Adams Co:
Antique Oak Detective
Blair Camera Co:
Hawkeye Detective Camera
Fallowfield (Jonathan):
Facile Camera
Perry Mason:
Argus Repeating Camera
Student Camera Co:
Student No.1 Camera
Daguerreotype Camera:
American-Style Chamfered Box
Ingersoll & Bro (Robert H.):
Shure Shot Detective
Popular Photograph Co:
Nodark Camera
Wing (Harvey T.):
Prototype Camera