Mignon Bicyclists' Camera (attributed). c.1886
Anthony Climax Multiplying Camera. 1880s - 90s (5x7 inch format)
ROC Midget Camera, 1890 - 97
American-Style Chamferred Daguerreotype. c.1850
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Early 1850s American-Style Chamfered Daguerreotype Camera (½-plate format) This ½-plate format (4¼ x 5½ inch) American daguerreotype camera nearly dates to the first decade of photography. While not the earliest American camera, the beautiful rosewood veneered body with distinctive corner chamfering was made from roughly 1845 to the early 1850s. Although the maker is unknown, there are a limited number of references leading some researchers to believe these were made in Vienna for the American market.
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April 2016
Mignon Bicyclists' Camera
August 2016
E. & H.T. Anthony Climax Multiplying Camera
May 2017
Rochester Optical Co. Midget Camera
September 2017
American Chamfered Daguerreotype