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Although primarily a collector, I occasionally part with some nice cameras. At this time, two cameras are for sale (but thinking of a couple more).

A very nice
Multiscope Al-Vista Model 5B (images available on request). Includes the often lost viewfinder and wooden lens cap. A joy to watch in action. Excellent condition with the usual age cracks in the back. $375 + shipping and insurance.

SOLD - Historically important Ottewill's Improved Kinnear Camera. This 10 x 8 inch camera was prominently featured in my monograph about Kinnear cameras that appeared in Photographica World (issue No.124, 2008/02); and graces the publication's cover. Shows lots of aged character (i.e. fair to good condition). Includes original ground glass back but no plateholder. One of the earliest examples of an improved Kinnear camera and the only known Kinnear by the famous English builder Thomas Ottewill.

Please feel free to inquire about additional information and pictures.